Congratulations to the PBS Dance Team!


Congratulations to the PBS Dance Team!

The PBS Dance Team completed two more competitive weekend events and is now almost finished with their 2016/17 competitive season. Our ladies have earned themselves 3 Regional Championship titles so far, multiple Reserve Championship titles, and countless judges choice and specialty awards. The final competition of the year will be this weekend at the Rainbow National Dance Competition at the Bayside Performing Arts Center in San Mateo CA on Friday night and Saturday.

If you’ve been curious about team or would like to see our girls in action this weekend is your last chance to see them hit the stage in some fierce competition.

Congrats Girls!

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Showstopper Competition

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Showstopper Results

Mini Team - Regional Champions, Double Platinum, Junior Small Groups

Senior Team - Regional Champions, Double Platinum, Senior Small Groups

Teen Team - Reserve Champions (Second Overall), Double Platinum, Teen Large Groups

Line Team - 3rd Overall, Double Platinum, Character Super Line

Contemporary Team - 5th Overall, Double Platinum, Teen Small Groups

Pointe Duet - Reserve Champions (Second Overall), Double Platinum, Senior Duet/Trios

Soloists: Kristina Dvorak/Double Platinum/6th Overall, Hope Farrar/Double Platinum/6th Overall, Julia Asher/Double Platinum/4th Overall, Marina Palarca/Double Platinum/Reserve Champion(2nd Overall)

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Velocity Dance Convention

The Ladies just finished an intense weekend with Velocity Dance Convention and are bringing home 3 Overall Award titles against the steepest competition of the season yet. Our dancers were also awarded 2 Emerging Artists Awards in Ballet (only 2 students selected out of a convention of hundreds) and 6 Velocity Scholarship Awards.

Congratulations to:

Senior Team - 3rd Overall Teen Small Lyrical Small Groups

Kristina Dvorak - High Gold, Senior Contemporary

Julia Asher - High Gold, 2nd Overall Senior Lyrical

Hope Farrar - Platinum, 1st Overal Senior Lyrcial, 9th Overall Senior Soloists

Molly Pigot - Teen Emerging Artist, Ballet

Marina Palarca - Junior Emerging Artist – Ballet

Kirsten Clark, Julia Asher, Hope Farrar, Anika Bhatnagar, Marina Palarca, & Ava Taylor - Velocity Scholarship Winners

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We are all so proud and thankful for our amazing dancers and their families. If there was an award for best dance-moms I’m confident that we would have locked that up as well!

Here we come Rainbow!!!

Kris, Camryn, Carmie & Zoltan