I’m interested in the school but would like to try it out first. Is that possible?

Of course. For a drop in fee of $16, your child can take a class and you may observe. If you decide to sign up, the drop in fee will be credited to your account.

If we move from our current ballet school, will my child be in the same level?

Every school has different criteria and names for each level. A Level 2 at one school may be a Level 4 somewhere else. Simply call us at 650-598-0796 to speak with the Artistic Director regarding the appropriate level for your child to try. The teacher(s) will evaluate your child in a class and recommend the appropriate level at PBS.

When can my child go on pointe?

Students go on pointe when they reach the technical level of Ballet 4. This means they have had a minimum of 4 or 5 years of previous training. The average age to begin pointe is 11 or 12.

 We have the cutest pink tutu. Can my daughter wear it to class?

As much as we all love pink tutus, no, it’s not appropriate for class. In order for the girls to concentrate on their movements and the instructors to see them, it’s important that they have no distractions. Find the complete dress code here.

 What should my child wear to class?

Your child may wear dance clothing they already have for the first class. Once your child’s level has been determined you may purchase their “uniform “at Just for Dance next door to PBS or at the dance clothing store of your choice. Just for Dance offers PBS students a 10% discount on pointe shoes and the 6th pair free for members of “The Pointe Shoe Club”.

Can my toddler and I wait in the lobby while my other child is taking class? Unfortunately, the lobby is just too small for small children to hang out for long periods of time. We need to keep things as quiet as possible so we don’t disturb the dancers. So it’s best for you to find another locale. You can also talk to parents in your class and arrange a carpool which would alleviate the need to wait around.

My daughter’s hair is short. How can I put it in a bun?

With some spray gel, bobby pins and a bun cover, hair as short as chin length can be put up. Please come see us if you’re unsure of how to do it. If possible, avoid big hair cuts in the months preceding the performance.

When will I see my child perform?

We have a June performance that is held for two nights in a theatre, as well as a Winter-themed fundraiser for one night in December. We also hold “open house” in December where you can bring family and friends to watch your child in class.

Are there performance fees?

Yes. Ticket sales alone are not enough to cover the cost of the venue, crew and costume purchase/refurbishment. The fees are based on the total number of dances your child/ren are performing in and we have a family maximum as well.

Do we get to keep our performance costumes?

No, we would have to increase the performance fee to a level that we aren’t comfortable with in order for everyone to keep their costumes.

Is there a volunteer requirement?

Yes, in order to put together the June and winter performances we need the support of our families. We have a multitude of volunteer options…everything from laundering and minor sewing of costumes to baking and selling concessions. Sign ups are online and committee leaders will explain all duties to you. If you absolutely cannot volunteer, you may opt out and simply pay a pre-set fee so we can hire the support staff necessary to help us fulfill that requirement.

Should you have any further questions, please see the specific areas of the website or call us at 650.598.0796. Thank you.